Innovative news: the Super Wave Oscillator® C-generator



Research and development at MultiWaveHealing resulted in the Super Wave Oscillator® ;a self manufactured and registered therapeutic apparatus. With the Super Wave Oscillator® high-quality colloidal silver and colloidal gold are manufactured. Continuing innovations at MultiWaveHealing have now conducted to the introduction of the Super Wave Oscillator® C-generator, a simple to operate apparatus that enables everyone to make high quality colloids.

Main points at the development of the Super Wave Oscillator® C-generator:

Primarily: easy to operate and a perfect final result.

Vast research expelled that apparatuss which can produce real colloidal gold are difficult to obtain. Aim: a C-generator, it was inspired on the technique of the Super Wave Oscillator®, and in principle reachable for everyone. From experience we knew that you do not make the best colloïds just like that. It was therefore important to make both production process and equipment as simple as possible.

Searching for a stable and reliable way to produce the very best colloïds without the use of chemicals we discovered the following: the method which uses an electric spark (plasma) is the best way to obtain this quality. The large disadvantage of this production method is that specialist attention and equipment is needed. For this reason it is for most people not feasable.

Promising research results have been reached within MultiwaveHealing with this plasma method (electric spark). These results stand to the basis of the development of the current C-generator; a simple to operate apparatus that enables everyone one to make high quality colloids. Like for example red colloidal gold and yellow colloidal zilver, without ions and with a high particle density. And as ingredients pure water and the desired metal.

Results so far:

c-generator apparatusSjoerd Bruijn developed the method and the associated apparatus and on 22 October 2006 we introduced in Zaandam the prototype of the C-generator during a meeting of the zero point energy group. This prototype worked already (more than) properly and by the responses we got we understood that we presented something really special. Within MultiWaveHealing everything has been extendedly tested and developed. Now the system is ready for production.

Capacity: the choice of used metal influences the production capacity. For example: the production of 1 litre yellow colloidal zilver, 20 + ppm, takes approximately 20 minutes and manufacturing 1 litre red colloidal gold, 10 + ppm, takes approximately 40 minutes. NB: these colloïds contain no ïonic component and do not discolour.

The Super Wave Oscillator® C-generator includes a regulable high voltage power supply, associated cables, goblet glass of one litre and resonance cube as well as instructions for use.

For further information or questions concerning the Super Wave Oscillator® C-generator, contact

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